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Great ideas for using twitter. I find that it has helped me be more Concise & Direct in how I share my Thoughts. Asking a question is great if you have followers that are engaged with you. A great way to start that engagement process is to Retweet others when you find their content inspirational or of substance and you think your followers may feel the same. The person you just retweeted will be very appreciative, at least they should be, since other people will most likely be engaged with them also.

Thanks for taking the fear out of tweeting for others. I believe the best way is to just Jump in. ;) The more you tweet, the better you get!! Again Thank You!! xo

at your service.

Linda Locke


Thanks for the feedback and for sharing your own Twitter Tips. I agree that the best way to get started with Twitter is to just jump in and start Tweeting!

Alan Eames

Hi Linda,

Good ideas all! The one I use the most when stuck for something to tweet about is a relevant inspirational or motivational quote. Now I have more ideas on what to tweet about. Thanks!

All the best,


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