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You are correct, there is no secret. Hard work, planning, right attitude, and just simply "doing it" will make one succeed.

The problem with MLM is that people see the end result of some heavy hitter. They see the mansion, the cars, the trips, and the lifestyle and want to skip right to that after buying a $35 kit. They don't see the hundreds of hours of work that went into making that lifeystyle a realtiy.


You are absolutely right when you say there is no secret to MLM success. The “secret” is to treat your business like a business and work at it. Not to mention a newbie to this industry certainly needs to educate him/herself in marketing so that they understand how to market their product/service. This seems to be one area that many want to bypass. They simply don’t want to take the time to learn the skills they need. And without the right skills there will be very little success.

joseph cotroneo

I agree there are no secrets to success in MLM. I especially like your approach that you generate distributors from your customer base. This is the old fashioned way...but it works. If you have time, check out my site about network marketing


Thanks Joseph. Sometimes the old-fashioned ways are just the best!

Joseph Geyer

While its easy for people to sell a product and leave you to your own devices (sell and forget), a lot of people need a true mentoring program or classroom teaching. If they take the mlm training course, it acts more link a classroom environment where there is a teacher that can answer questions you have live. You go your whole childhood taught like that, why not lean online marketing like that?

- Joe

Derrick Jones

Great work, I'll use what I've found here in my business...

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