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Anders Gustavsson - MLM The Game


Another way you can use twitter is to have a fun contest with your downline.

As an upline leader, set aside a 1 hour power hour to get customers with your downline. Your however not physically with all of them, you may be with 1 (recommended), but not all.

Tell your 2, 5, 10, 20, or whatever # downline members to get involved in the contest, provide a prize, maybe a small gift certificate. This is some fun leverage!

Then you can say, ok whom ever gets 3 (or whatever makes sense for your company) customers first wins. Make the goal easy, then people will want to play next time.

Once someone gets a customer he/she will twitter about it to all the other players. This will get them excited, but also get them to work harder.

Contests and games are fun, inspiring, and motivating if they are dont in the right way.

Twitter is a fun tool to use with games!

Have fun!

Enjoy Your Day!

Anders Gustavsson
Infinite Synergy, Creators of MLM The Game


That is great advice.

It is always fun to add competition to the factor.

I used to work in sales a while ago and on the build up to Christmas they had contests each day and one of the prizes was for a digital camera. Now the fact that a digital camera costs only maybe £100 means nothing but the fact that such a small incentive "carrot on a stick" if you will, would cause such a surge in the motivation of the team is incredible.
Keeping motivated knowing that after many hours of working in a MLM job sometimes getting many "No" answers is vital because each no you get only means your closer to a yes and yes ultimatly often means more sales meaning more money and less work, which is what we all love,would you agree?

Derrick Jones

Great work, I'll use what I've found here in my business...

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